Urban Pirates Birthday Planning Guide

Thank you for planning an Urban Pirates Birthday.  Below is some general information about our birthday party adventures to help plan your party.

PASSENGERS:  When planning your party make sure to reserve a ticket for every passenger in your group, including all adults and small children/infants.  The Coast Guard will only allow us to carry a maximum of 49 passengers and we must include every person in that count.  If you do not purchase the “Full Boat Package” for up to 49 passengers you will be sharing your adventure with other ticket holders – Never fear, we have plenty of space for activities for everyone on board!  We recommend booking for the largest number of tickets you may need at the time of booking and reducing your final passenger number when making your final payment (if needed) to ensure you get all of the tickets you need.  Many of our cruises do sell out so additional tickets may not be available on the day of your cruise.

PAYMENT:  In order to book your reservation a 50% deposit is due at the time of booking.  You can book your party online or over the phone and put down your deposit at that time.  Your final balance will be due two weeks before your cruise.  You will receive an email reminder when it is time for your final payment.  You will have up until two weeks before your cruise to make any changes to your final passenger total.  

INVITATIONS:  We have a link to a customizable E-vite at the bottom of our 'Birthday Adventures' page.  Customize and send your own pirate party invitations online!

BOARDING:  We don't want to leave any of your scallywags ashore!  We suggest your guests arrive ten minutes before your “Check-in Time” listed on your invoice.  You and your guests will check-in under the red tent at the end of South Ann Street and receive your wristbands. We will wait for the party organizer to check-in before giving out wristbands to your group.
        Everyone in your party will receive an eye-patch and your birthday pirate will get a sword included in all group packages over 15 passengers.  

        Most of our cruises do run back-to-back with a cruise before and after your sailing, once the cruise before yours has disembarked from the ship we will reset the boat and board your cruise promptly. Once the Captain allows your group abaord roughly 30 minutes of 'boarding activities' will commence including pirate dress-up, pirate names and tattoos on the ship.

  The ship will depart promptly at your sailing time (30 minutes after check-in) and cruise for roughly 60 minutes.  During this time our crew will turn your group into true pirates with interactive songs, games, water cannon battles and a treasure hunt.  It’s fun for the whole family that will captivate pirates of all ages for the full hour of your sailing time around the Inner Harbor.  We can not wait for any late arriving passengers.

  You are welcome to pass out goody bags or party favors to your guests.  We ask that goody bags are given out only as your guests are leaving the ship so that they may play with their contents off of the ship.  You can also purchase additional party favors from our dock shop for your guests if you wish.

We can collect your birthday presents on the dock as your guests arrive and have them ready for you at the dock after your cruise.  You may bring a car down the dock to collect your presents.

FOOD & DRINK:   You may bring snacks and drinks for your group aboard the ship.  We suggest juice boxes or water in a cooler.  For snacks we would recommend no-messy individually packaged finger foods, although there will be very little time to eat during the cruise activities.  There will not be an area to lay out food during the regular cruise.  We ask that you do not bring cake or cupcakes on the ship.  There will not be time or space to serve cake during the cruise.    Please view our Pirate Party Room info for options to enjoy your cake after your cruise.

PIRATE BIRTHDAY SONG:  Please tell the pirates whose birthday we are celebrating so that we can sing a pirate happy birthday song to them - Pirates of ALL ages enjoy a good pirate birthday song.  You do not have to buy a package to request the birthday song!

PIRATE PARTY ROOM:  An additional 45 minutes for your party aboard the Fearless can be purchased (available after any sailing.)  You provide the food and cake;  we provide the tables, benches, balloons, and decorations.  We also provide the plates, cups, napkins, serving and eating utensils for your party.  

You may bring the food and drinks (including adult beverages) of your choice to your 'Pirate Party Room' time.  You may bring coolers, trays of appetizers, snacks, and pizzas, etc.  We recommend cup-cake cakes, juice boxes or pouches, and pizza for ease of serving and clean up.  You may drop off your food and coolers to our 911 S Ann Street location before you go to find parking if you wish.  You can also have food or catering delivered to our location.

We will securely store your food and drinks in our kitchen and will help serve your food after the cruise activities and guests move into the party room.  We do have refrigeration available. Our pirates will lead your group in a Pirate Birthday Song and help serve your food and cake.

The 'Pirate Party Room' can be booked for parties of any size.  Roughly 49 seats are available in the room.  You do not need to purchase the full boat package in order to purchase the 'Pirate Party Room'.

    -  Please do not bring any balloons or piñatas on the ship, they do not work well with our limited space and wind conditions.

    - We do have candles available on board, but due to outdoor wind conditions we cannot always light candles in the wind.  

    - The Fearless sails Rain or Shine.  Please see our full list of Reservation Policie.    

If you have any questions or special requests please let us know! We look forward to your pirate party!



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